Special Projects

Family of Choice Counseling

Families are sometimes created out of necessity, but most importantly by choice.  The traditional definition of the nuclear family is not as common as in previous generations.  We have seen an increase in single parent homes across all cultures and socio-economic groups.  Many children grow up in the foster care system and never consistently experience the loving care of a family.  Children who grow up with a father in the home stand a better chance of completing high-school, and of developing a higher degree of intelligence.

There are community organizations that offer mentoring, but no one organization can address all the apparent need.  Family of Choice exists to promote a new definition of family by promoting values that reflect current cultural changes.  Since culture is forever changing and growing; values change with it.  Family of Choice reaches its international mission by expanding the boundaries of color, ethnicity, and socio-economic status.  The mission is to reach beyond community limits and connect to a higher position that allows its participants to experience a broader view and support system.  It is based on the concept of integrity and the importance of individual contribution.

Get involved today:  www.familyofchoice.org

Nepal  Youth Emotional Intelligence Empowerment Group

This group was created to provide support to the  young people from Nepal (over the age of 18). The group was started following the earthquake in 2015 to provide support, empowerment, and to teach skills pertaining to emotional intelligence.  This group is meant to assist participants in learning new ways to make healthy choices.  Some participants have chosen to participate in a research project that is supported through www.6seconds.org.  For those interested in learning more about how their brain is designed a free brain profile assessment is provided.  This tool provides insight on how their brains works in the areas of focus, decisions, and drive.  They are also given information on their talents so assist in making emotionally intelligence decisions about their future.  Dr. Steffen offers a detailed report explaining the findings, answering questions, and providing support to the participants.