Continuing Education for Addiction, Rehabilitation, and Prevention Counselors

We offer continuing education courses that explore the latest in brain-behavior treatment, motivational interviewing, social & emotional intelligence, holistic/four directions treatment and other innovative approaches to treatment. If you are looking for courses on tobacco/nicotine addiction, ethics, or other certification requirements look no further.

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Licensed Professional Counselors and Others

If you are looking to provide more innovative treatment, we can help!  We provide continuing education training  that offers insight to trauma and ways to provide holistic treatment.  If you need to fulfil your licensure or certification requirements for ethics, domestic violence, geriatric treatment, or other courses, you are in the right place.

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National and International Counselors

If you are interested in providing global services and have a calling to reach remote places in the world that lack available services, we are the place to visit.  We provide courses that address global needs and explore the best practice approaches to counseling. Have an idea you would like to share, or an identified need that requires attention, please feel free to contact us.

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Our Main Message

CE4Counselors is known for providing contemporary programs that offer evidence-based approaches to treatment.  We build professional relationships with our trainees that result in people thinking of us first when they need continuing education.

Our personalized approach to education makes us different than the rest!  Our Founding and Executive Director, Clare E Steffen, Ed.D., ND, NCC, BCC, CNHP, CMH, CADCII, ICADC is cross trained in the fields of education, natural health, addiction, counseling, and psychology.  With over forty years of experience, she is able to provide a thoroughness and depth to the courses and seminars offered.  She continues to provide treatment to individuals, children/adolescents, couples, and families which provide her a perspective that is fresh and practical.

The field of counseling is ever changing which can make the terrain difficult to navigate.  E-counseling is no longer the wave of the future but is here to stay.  Dr. Steffen has been involved with distance treatment since it's inception which allows her to bring a panoramic view and insight.

Dr. Steffen has been involved with offering counseling services to remote places and has a commitment to global counseling.  She looks forward to assisting you in your professional development and education.

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Enroll in the course of your choice today, or give Dr. Clare Steffen a call to learn more 541.221.3408.