Dr. Steffen's Approach

Everything in life is relational and thus the services we provide should offer a radial dimensional approach.  A dimensional treatment approach is an improvment over categorial approaches, but this still does not fully address the spectrum of  human experience.  A comprehensive model incorporates values and character education, evidence-based treatment tecniques, brain-based and neuro-scientific knowledge, wellness, and choice and metacommunication, intelligence models, and attention to individual differences.  Awareness of cultural differences, inter-generational experience, and social-environmental influences and social construction of race and culture must be considered when working with any individual, couple, or family.  Treatment efforts must be as complex as the human being and their experience in order to create a likeness of fit.  Blending the best practice approaches from a various knowledge bases brings a richness to treatment that is vital, motivating, and encouraging.  Ultimately we must be genuine and trustworthy for our clients to believe we are capable in assisting them in their healing process.  Bring together your strengths and those of your clients/patients, and you will help them create a finely orchestrated process for deep change and healing to occur.

Our Story grew out of years of experience and recent development through another education project Dr. Steffen founded and developed, Coaching Choice College (CCC). The college provides training and continuing education to life, wellness, and business coaches.  With success under her belt from this venture, Dr. Steffen decided to replicate her approach in radial dimensional holism and new choice therapy to counselors.  The possibilities are endless, and we are only limited by our imagination, and Dr. Steffen has the vision to continue to create and develop courses that will educate and make a social contribution.

Meet Dr. Clare Steffen

Dr. Clare Steffen has worked in educational, clinical, medical, rehabilitation, and business settings.  In every setting, she approaches service delivery with empathy and intelligence.  She believes and promotes collaboration because is the best approach to working with people, because it empowers, and supports change.


Clare E Steffen, Ed.D., ND, NCC, BCC, CADCII, ICADC, CNHP, CMH

Founder & CEO

Dr. Clare Steffen has been involved in providing educational services since she was 17 years of age.  She has worked in educational, clinical, mental health settings, Indian Health, VA Clinics and Hospitals, NeuroRehabilitation Centers, Group and Private Practices.  She has provided educational services at private and state universities, community colleges, and elementary and special education settings.  Her cross-training in education, natural health, addiction services, counseling, and psychology allow her to provide holistic education and training.

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