Integrative Mental Health Care

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This course offer 17-hourse of online education and 3-hours of 1:1 training with Dr. Clare Steffen.
Course Content:

  • Understanding Pathology
  • Tapping Into Self-Healing
  • Symbolism: Messages for Healing
  • Native Science, Shamanism, and Earth Medicine
  • A Wellness Perspective of Mental Illness
  • Western Medicine and Diagnostics
  • DSM 5: Standards of Care and Best Practice Measures
  • Mental Health: HIPAA and Managed Care
  • World View: Integrating Systems of Care
  • Empowering Healing for Self-Care and a Balanced Lifestyle

This course offers 20-hours of continuing education and examines the collaboration of natural health, native science, and the westernized view of mental health services. The World Health Organization (WHO) assists professionals by providing an opportunity to view mental health from a global perspective. Viewing mental health on a continuum and from a multi-dimensional perspective that empowers clients and patients offer healthy self-empowerment. The blending of systems approaches supports the goal of genuinely understanding patients and making an authentic connection. Learn how to provide an integrative systems approach to mental health while meeting the standards of care offered within the DSM 5, HIPAA, and other recognized delivery systems.